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Is INOVAR Laminate Flooring waterproof?

INOVAR Laminate Flooring is not 100% waterproof but it is water resistant. The melamine impregnated decorative film protects the laminates from water making them super water resistant.

How do I maintain and clean my INOVAR Laminate Floor?

Please refer to the Laminate Flooring Care and Maintenance Guide for more information.

Is INOVAR Laminate Flooring covered by a warranty?

Yes, INOVAR Laminate Flooring is covered by our warranty. Please refer to the Warranty section for more information.

What are the advantages of INOVAR Laminate Flooring compared to other competitors?

INOVAR Laminate Flooring comes with Lifetime Termite Resistant Warranty and Direct Manufacturer Warranty to assure our customer's satisfaction on our product.

How to install INOVAR Laminate Flooring?

Please refer to the Installation Manual the Downloads page. You may also contact INOVAR Malaysia directly for installation services.

Can INOVAR Laminate Flooring be installed on any floor?

Inovar Laminate Flooring is only recommended for indoor installation.

Where can I buy INOVAR Laminate Flooring?

Please visit our Direct Factory Outlet which is listed in our website or contact us here.

You may also request for a quotation by clicking on Get A Quote.

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