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How do I maintain and clean my INOVAR Vinyl Flooring?

INOVAR Vinyl Flooring is easy to maintain and clean. Regular sweeping of the vinyl flooring will keep it free from dirt and grit. You may also remove sediments and contaminants by damp mopping. Remember to only use floor detergent that has a neutral pH. Avoid from using harsh detergents or chemicals.
Please refer to the INOVAR Vinyl Care and Maintenance Guide for more information.

Is INOVAR Vinyl Flooring covered by a warranty?

Yes, INOVAR Vinyl Flooring is covered by our warranty. Please refer to the Warranty section for more information.

Is there a difference between the various types of INOVAR Vinyl Flooring?

Yes, each type of INOVAR Vinyl Flooring has it's own features. They are specially made to meet your flooring requirements. Please contact us for further asssistance on the preferred flooring based on your requirements.

How to install INOVAR Vinyl Flooring?

Please refer to the Installation Manual on the Downloads page. You may also contact INOVAR directly for installation services.

Can INOVAR Vinyl Flooring be installed directly on any floor?

INOVAR Vinyl Flooring can be installed on most concrete, underlayment-grade plywood, exterior-grade plywood (sanded face, B to C grade or better) and properly prepared, non-cushion backed vinyl flooring. However, the subfloor must be clean, dry and free of contaminants such as oil, grease, paint, sealants, wax, curing compound, moisture and hydrostatic pressure before installation. The subfloor should be structurally sound, rigid and flat to 3/16" in 10 feet (F-32).
For other flooring types that are not listed here, you may contact us to check if INOVAR Vinyl Flooring is suitable to be installed directly on them.

Why is acclimation important for INOVAR Vinyl Flooring?

The process of acclimation allows the INOVAR Vinyl Flooring to equalise and become more stable to the normal temperature fluctuation of the installed environment. Floating installation of the INOVAR Vinyl Flooring, provides room for the product to properly relax, with joints that are properly engaged. All INOVAR Vinyl Flooring must be acclimatised to the normal site condition and temperature at least 48 hours prior to the installation.

How can I add a layer of sheen to my INOVAR Vinyl Flooring?

Satin or gloss floor finishes can be used to enhance the sheen of your INOVAR Vinyl Flooring. However, please ensure that the floor finish is compatible with INOVAR Vinyl Flooring.

Are floor protectors necessary for the legs of my furnitures (chairs, tables, etc.)?

Yes, floor protectors are necessary. We recommend nylon floor protectors. Felt floor protectors can also be used, but it should be replaced frequently to minimise the embedded debris that may harm your vinyl flooring.

Do I have to leave a gap around the perimeter of my room when installing the INOVAR Vinyl Flooring?

Definitely! A gap of 5/16" is required between the vinyl tile and all vertical surfaces, including walls, cabinets, door frames, columns, fixtures, etc. This is to allow space for the natural expansion and contraction of INOVAR Vinyl Flooring.

Is INOVAR Vinyl Flooring suitable for houses with pets?

INOVAR Vinyl Flooring is suitable for most common household pets. However, you should bear in mind that larger pets may have tougher nails / claws that may scratch the surface layer on your vinyl flooring.

How do I prevent scratches and scuff marks on my INOVAR Vinyl Flooring?

Use nylon, plastic or felt floor protectors for your furnitures. Felt floor protectors should be replaced frequently to minimise the embedded debris that may harm your vinyl flooring.

You may also apply a layer of finishing to prevent scuffing and minor scratches.

Will my INOVAR Vinyl Flooring fade when regularly exposed to sunlight?

All vinyl flooring will be affected when exposed to sunlight over the time. We recommend that you use suitable window coverings (curtains, blinds, etc) to minimise the fading effects caused by prolong exposure if sunlight.

Do I need an underlay for my INOVAR Vinyl Flooring?

Most vinyl flooring don't need an underlay layer. If the subfloor surface is level and smooth, a well-cushioned vinyl flooring should be sufficient on its own.
The installation of INOVAR Vinyl Tiles-Click Flooring is similar with the installation of INOVAR Laminate Flooring, which is the loose lay method. This method also creates a "floating floor".

Can INOVAR Vinyl Flooring be installed on ceramic tiles?

Yes, INOVAR Vinyl Flooring can be installed on most ceramic tiled subfloors, as long as the grout lines are not too wide or deep. Ceramic tiled subfloors with wide grout line are not suitable as the line will print through the vinyl flooring eventually, causing an effect which is known as 'telegraphy'.
INOVAR Vinyl Flooring usually can be installed on any other smooth, seamless or tightly sealed surface such as vinyl sheet, linoleum, etc.

How to remove adhesive residues from the joints and surface of vinyl tiles?

Use mineral spirits to remove adhesive residues. Apply mineral spirits sparingly on a soft white cloth first. Use the cloth to dap on the affected area of the vinyl tile, pulling the adhesive up.

Do not pour the mineral spirits or use the cloth to rub directly on the vinyl tile as this may damage the finishing of the vinyl tile or lead to adhesive failure.

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