Inovar Floors is a Outdoor wooden deck flooring manufacturers in india

which caters to flooring, ceiling and cladding solutions exclusively tailored to suit your needs for different spaces : outdoors, indoors, moderate to high traffic and residential to commercial areas. Our outdoor wooden deck flooring comes with contemporary looks, exceptional durability, eco credentials and hassle-free maintenance, bringing you a remarkable assortment of decors to transform any space.

Let our durable decking floors set the perfect backdrop for you to enjoy the outdoors! From classic to modern designs, our WPC ceiling and timber decking provide a nonslip surface with no visible screw heads and require no special treatment for maintenance at a wood flooring cost.

We now bring you revolutionary decking engineered for high traffic and outdoor exposure with the Exclusive invisible Fastening System. The floor surface has gaps small enough to block rings, coins, leaf-litter, food and other small objects from falling through, yet optimal for water drainage. Also, these floors use protective treatments for burrowing insets, fungi and contact with ground and fresh water while the brushed surface and rounded-off lateral edges facilitate underfoot comfort.

 These exciting features offer advantages in its safety and maintenance, and the wear resistant surface withstands outdoor conditions with great ease. So you can now explore the stunning range of decking in a choice of designs to enhance your outdoor space.

 Recommended for verandas, porticos, pools sides and other outdoor deck floor spaces.

Inovar DeckShield - Premium Quality Composite Decking

Inovar DeckShield is available in 3 attractive, natural colors with an ultra realistic wood grain surface finish on one side and a pre-channeled surface on the other side.

An exclusive coating technology provides Inovar DeckShield with maximum protection against the sun's harsh UV rays, so that your deck stays beautiful much longer. Inovar DeckShield's unique color technology also ensures that your deck stands out with its naturally-realistic color tones versus the flat and monotonous colors that we often see in conventional decks.

Patented Encapsulation Technology
Inovar DeckShield combines the proven strength of polyethylene & wood fibers with an external protective shield that totally encapsulates the board core on all four sides. This patented technology makes it possible for enhanced color streaking and natural wood grain structure to deliver a realistic timber look. It will not splinter nor crack, making it truly safe to walk on even when barefooted.
Highly Durable
The core of Inovar DeckShield has been engineered to allow only minimum expansion and contraction, making it more stable and longer lasting.
Extremely Eco-friendly
The core of Inovar DeckShield composite wood decking is made of more than 95% recycled material, and therefore, it is exceptionally eco-friendly. Production processes are subjected to annual third party audits by certified authorities in order to comply with the required standards of environmental, health and safety guidelines and regulations.
Unbelievably Low Maintenance
Unlike conventional timber decking, Inovar DeckShield is made tough and it is able to hold out against sun, rain or snow and it'll look good as new, year after year.
Highly Resistant Against Stains, Fading and Scratches
Inovar DeckShield is highly resistant against stains, fading and scratches due to its remarkable patented protective shield. Other than simply being easy to clean and maintain, this superior protective layer also makes Inovar DeckShield highly resistant to moisture, mold and mildew.
Panel Dimension: 22.5 mm (Thickness) | 138 mm (W) x 2800 mm (L)
WD 2066 Natural Ipe
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WD 2077 Royal Teak
<img src="images/ultrashield/Logo_Ultra.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
WD 2088 Arctic Walnut
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DeckShield Encapsulation Technology

(A) Protective Shield

  • The shield's patented formula provides the possibility for color streaking and realistic wood structure embossing - to bring you the warmth and beauty of timber, minus the maintenance!

  • The shield encases all 4 sides of the decking board to give it absolute protection from Mother Nature's harshest conditions and allows it to withstand high traffic easily without showing serious signs of wear and tear.
  • (B) Core

  • Inovar DeckShield's light core allows for less expansion & contraction as well as easier handling.

  • The core is made of 95% recycled material and is therefore extremely eco-friendly and it contains hardwood fibers in order to achieve greater strength and stability.

  • Installation & Accessories

    Inovar DeckShield offers a range of accessories that make your installation process as hassle free as possible. You can either opt for treated timber battens or metal battens, depending on your requirement.

    The installation system comes with a unique mechanism which features 2 unique clips - the T-Clip and the Locking Clip. The Locking Clip will help to lock and secure the board down while the T-Clip allows for expansion and contraction. With this system, we can control the direction which the planks will expand or contract, thus minimizing problems arising from expansion or contraction.

    Matching fascia boards are also available to complete the Inovar DeckShield decking system, providing a total solution package for your convenience.

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